When LinkedIn Australia celebrated 2 million members, Tracy rallied the Appetto team to deliver everything we needed to make the announcement a success for both internal and external stakeholders. She works around the clock to deliver the goods...literally. For BTL needs and everything in between, she’s the go-to person that can be counted on for just about anything.”

— Tara Commerford, LinkedIn

“Tracy is extremely creative and dedicated to delivering superior results for her clients. She has a rare ability to deliver both on a creative and practical level and is able to produce high quality work in a short period of time. She is one of the most impressive consultants that I have worked with in terms of her ability to quickly make an impact on a project. Tracy has worked with a number of my clients across diverse industries and has been able to exceed expectations on every occasion. Her energy is infectious and she is a real pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Tracy to anyone needing to tap her incredible creativity or simply looking for a reliable consultant who can deliver.”

— Melissa Hurrell, WorkStar